Archive of Unforgotten Lives 

Not everyone has a Cloud presence,

or the presence is scattered, and difficult to search.

What will be the results when people search your name?

 Preserve remembrance for future generations

asking about their ancestry 

….. archive a presence with a webpage in the Cloud

To get started –

Register Login with an email and password then go to…

Create Page:  A name is the one field required to create a webpage; information can be added to any field as you create or later when you edit updates to the webpage.  Edit updates can only be submitted by the person that created the webpage.

Page Fields: Photo, Name, Variation on Name with a Location, Born, Died, Height, Occupation, Education, Life, Parents, Siblings, Spouse/Partner, Children, Pets, Link to Other Sites such as social/work/news. 

Fields with information enter appear on the webpage.

For assistance go to FAQHow to Link Pages,  and Photo Upload Help. The links are also located in the footer menu.